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    To access either Bexel Irina or Iridology Analysis Pro software remotely, please first download the free version of Teamviewer here: https://www.teamviewer.com/

    Once you completed installing teamviewer remote access software, click on the “Analysis” link located on Main Menu and choose the “Remote Access Time Slot”.

    In the reserve time slot page, you will see the current user and access codes to use for Teamviewer. Below the access code information is a calendar that can be used to book remote access appointments in two hour slots. The calendar will only be required if the workstations become busy. We plan to add more workstations as well. This remote access project is for member beta testing at this time. We will be testing more remote access alternatives in the near future.

    The Remote Access Time Slot and Current Login Details Page:

    Teamviewer Login Username and password:

    Add Password Window:

    Now you should be logged into the workstation!

    ===================STEPS FOR UTILIZING BEXEL IRINA SOFTWARE REMOTELY==============================

    Transfer your eye photos to the workstation using “Open File Transfer” option in main menu:

    Send Images to Remote Computer:

    The remote images are now located on the remote machine desktop and ready to import into Bexel Irina:

    When you first load the Bexel Irina software and the splash image has low resolution effect such as below:

    Choose the teamviewer submenu “View -> Optimize Quality”:

    The Bexel Irina splashscreen will then display higher resolution which is also required for iris analysis:

    Register Doctor or Clinic – You are welcome to add any alternative name or clinic in this section to personalize your analysis reports. You must choose your name each time to access the Bexel Irina system.

    Click on the “New Analysis” button to add new patient details (It is your choice to save or delete your own analysis once completed):

    Patient Input – The minimum patient information required includes Name, Sex, Age and Laterality:

    Insert Eye Images – Import Right Eye First – Camera -> Insert Image:

    When the “Open File” dialogue box opens, you will see your transferred eye images located on the the workstation desktop. Import the Right Eye First:

    If image is suitable, click “Yes”:

    To import the Left Eye, do the same as importing the Right Eye from main menu -> Camera -> Insert Image:

    You are now prepared to do your iridodiagnostic analysis using the Bexel Irina!

    When you have completed your analysis, click on the “Results” Tab located on Bexel Irina Main Menu. You can now print your results to PDF format:

    Click OK to Print:

    You can optionally edit analysis results on the workstation by clicking on your completed analysis to load the Adobe Acrobat Editor:

    Using the Teamviewer File Transfer, you can now download the completed analysis to your device.

    Last but not least, please clean up by deleting your eye images and analysis from desktop for next use!

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