Iridology Book - Manuscript - Media Review

A review on any Iridology textbook-manuscript or media source is awarded two academic credits.  

Out of print or translated iridology textbook\manuscript\Video can be used for review writing purposes. A list of iridology books for review can include:

J Haskel Kritzer - Iridiagnosis Text-Book: Guide in Treatment

Henry Lahn - Iridology: The Diagnosis from the Eye

Peter Jackson-Main - Practical Iridology: Use Your Eyes to Pinpoint Your Health Risks and Your Particular Path to Wellbeing

Iridology 1 - Information from Structure and Colour - Willy Hauser, Josef Karl and Rudolf Stolz

Iridology 1 - Methodology - Phenomena - Diseases - Willy Hauser, Josef Karl and Rudolf Stolz

Endocrinology & Iridology by John Andrews

Emotional Approaches in Iridology By John Andrews

Iris & Pupillary Signs, 3rd Edition - Modern Iridology

Immunology & Iridology By John Andrews

Visions of Health : Understanding Iridology -  Bernard Jensen & Donald V. Bodeen

Practical Iridology and Sclerology - Donald R. Bamer

Iridology:  Health Analysis and Treatments from the Iris of the Eye (Health Essentials Series) by James Colton & Sheelagh Colton

Iridology - Adam J. Jackson

Iridology: A Practical Guide to Iris Analysis - Adam J. Jackson

Eye Signs - Adam J. Jackson

Through the Eyes of the Masters: A History of Iridology By Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCI.

The Science and Practice of Iridology, Vol. 1 by Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD

Iridology: The Science And Practice Vol. II by Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD

A Complete Textbook On Iridology As Taught byEllen Tart-Jensen Ph.D.,D.Sc.,CCII

Posting any difficult to find or out of print iridology book or manuscript is awarded two extra credits. If review is included with posted iridology manuscript, four credits will be awarded.

Principles of Iris Diagnosis Vol. I - Josef Deck

Differentiation of iris Marketings Vol. II - Josef Deck

Acid-Proof Valediction - Clinical Tests and Value of Iris Studies - D. Waniek, B. Marcia

Iridology / E. S. Velhover, NB Shulpina, ZA Aliyev, FN Romashov 1988

Manual of Iridology; Prof. Bryan K. Marcia, Ph.D.

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