Review any Iridological clinical study or Iridology assesment

A minimum 100 word review on any Iridology clinical study/analysis will be awarded two credits. Iridology clinical studies for reviews are available in the "Site Tools" section:

Adding any new clinical study not already available in the world-wide clinical study page will be awarded one credit. If a review is attached to new iridology clinical study, will be awarded three credits. You can write your review in the comment section of any new review or you can create your own review using the "Add Content", "Post New Clinical Studies" links:

Add Content

To post a review on any clinical iridology assesment(s), please use the "Search Iridology Case Study Assessments" located in the "Site Tools" Menu:

For example, you could search for iridology assessments that contain the word 'heart' or 'liver' and write a review about the similarities and iris signs in a group of analysis assessments. Many iridology assessments contain mathematical parameters of the pupil and collarette which can be used for research.




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