A Study of the Iris Characteristics of Dementia Patients Using the Askeye Iris Analysis AI Solution


In this study, we examined medical records and the iris images of 16 dementia patients using an iris analysis program (Askeye Iris Analysis AI Solution). The most common feature of patients identified using the iris analysis program was a sign of pancreatic weakness in the iris (shown in 14 out of 16 patients). The discovery was significant because metabolic diseases are a major risk factor for dementia, and the pancreatic weakness sign in the iris has been linked to metabolic disorders such as diabetes. However, due to the small number of patients in this study and the lack of a control group, larger, controlled studies are needed to generalize the findings.
Authors: Min Heo; Miso S. Park; Seong-Hwan Choi; Seong-Il Park; Jie-Yoon Kang; Ho-Ryong Yoo