Application for Heart Abnormalities Detection Through Human Iris


The Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women worldwide. Iridology is the science that allows a health practitioner or non-expert to learn the signs in the iris of the eye that is capable of indicating the presence of abnormalities in the body and other weaknesses. Iridology is one of the preliminary way of detecting condition of organ. This work proposes a new model which refers to studies before for detecting heart condition through iris. In order to perform that it go through several phase such aspre-processing, segmentation and classification. The main contribution of works lies in comparing different techniques of detecting heart disease through iris and developing android application that select image and perform sobel edge detection and segmentation on selected image


Technology is something that grows every day in various forms. It could be in the form of Networking, Communication, Education, Global Innovations and Healthcare.Smartphones are something that we all use in our day to day life and most importantly itis used beyond just texting, gaming or internet surfing. Proposed application uses smartphone as a weapon against increasing number of heart diseases worldwide. The user of application can do analysis or computing of heart condition anytime and anywhere just by uploading image of iris/eye into the application. The application uses iridology technique and calculation processes for checking heart. Successful iris cropping is the first and foremost step of application. The factors such as light,camera resolution and the distance from camera and face affect the result. If the region of interest is misplaced then classification result wrong. Smartphone based system are better than computerized system.

Mr. Pradip M. Paithane1 , Dr. Santaji K. Shinde2 , Anjali Barge3, Susmita Kharat4Aparna Dhumal5 , Sakshi Pawar6

1Assistant Professor ,Vidya Pratishtan’s Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute of Engineering and Technology ,Baramati2

Professor ,Vidya Pratishtan’s Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute of Engineering and Technology ,Baramati3,4,5,6

Students ,Vidya Pratishtan’s Kamalnayan Bajaj Institute of Engineering and Technology ,Baramati

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