Application of Learning Vector Quantization Method to Diagnose Disorders of the Stomach


Iridology can prove that iris keeps information one’s health. Along with the development of technology, image processing can diagnose diseases based on iridology to detect with classification of iris image data. Disease to be studied in this research is a gastric disorder located in zone 1 according to iridology. Image processing through several preprocessing stages such as Grayscale, Gaussian Filtering, Canny edge detection, and also eye iris detection by algorithm Hough Transformation Circle. Image processing can also extract features with the help of masking. Masking is the process by which the system only focuses on the area to be detected ie the iris of the eye of the zone 1. The result of the process masking becomes input on the method of Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) to update the value of weights at the time of learning and will be reused at the time of testing. Based on that test done, the accuracy of gastric disease detection is 0.714286 %.

Edwin Edwin, Ken Ratri Retno Wardani

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