Automated Detection of Cholesterol Presenceusing Iris Recognition Algorithm


Arcus senilis is a whitish ring-shaped or bowshaped deposit in the cornea. It is recognized as a sign of hyperlipidemia and is also associated to coronary heart disease (CHD). Iridology is an alternative method to detect diseases using iris’s pattern observation. Iridologists believe that the whitish deposit on the iris is sign of heart diseases. We develop the simple and non-intrusive automation system to detect cholesterol presence using iris recognition (image processing). This system applies iris recognition method to isolate the iris area, normalization process and lastly determining the cholesterol presence using thresholds and histogram method to determine the threshold value. The result showed that the incidence of cholesterol was high when Eigen value exceeds a threshold value.


This study introduces a non-invasive method using iris recognition algorithm sto detect the presence of cholesterol level in the human body by the sign of existence Arcus senilis in iris pigmented. It can prove an advantageous method for the cholesterol detection than the available techniques for measuring the cholesterol level in the human body. Similar opinion support by Iridology practitioner call this symptom as sodium ring refers to Arcus senilis signs of cardio heart diseases (CHD). The algorithm had been tested on more than 70 samples of normal and abnormal eye images.The entire process of automated detection of cholesterol presence system, developed using MATLAB coding refers to Mr. Libor Masek‟s workfor iris recognition algorithm. However this work uses only a single method to determine the arcus senilis i.e. the sign of cholesterol presence which is using OTSU method with histogram analysis.The improvement can be done for detecting the stages of cholesterol presence and to determine the eye problem due to other type of eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic, tumor etcetera.Other method can be used for determines the arcus senilis region such as using nntool for neural network in MATLAB for detecting either normal or diseases eye (arcus Senilis).


Vikas Bhangdiya11Department S.S.G.M.C.E Shegaon, Departmentof E&TC, India

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