Diagnostic possibilities of iridodiagnostics in general clinical practice

An older interesting abstract from 1989 that was not previously found in database.


The state of the iris has been studied in 817 persons, of them in 150 workers of oil-industry, in eye office conditions. Iridodiagnostics was performed in one and the same person using two methods: with the help of a slit lamp “SL-56” and a magnifying glass. For topic diagnostics, a scheme of projection zones of the iris was used, proposed by Vida and Deck. The results obtained were compared with clinical diagnosis made in the out- or in-patient’s departments by internist, gynaecologist or other specialists. In 80.1% of the subjects a pathologic sign situated in the corresponding zone of the iris has almost precisely indicated the affected organ. Among the whole number of subjects in 37% of persons the revealed pathologic signs of the iris have indicated the physicians to the organ where the disease had not been earlier diagnosed.

Source: http://europepmc.org/article/MED/2733970