Iridodiagnosis in diseases of the hepatobiliary system and kidneys


Overall fifty patients with chronic hepatitis and 50 patients with concurrent pathologies were examined. The patients with chronic active hepatitis and in coexisting pathologies showed more profound depression of the immunity system as well as striking alterations on the iris of the eye. The former patient group received basic therapy, while the latter one were given immunomodulating agents against the background of basic therapy. Iridodiagnosis will, we believe, help in detecting concurrent pathologies of the hepatobiliary and urinary systems. The dynamics of the pathological signs in the iris is strongly related to the clinicoimmunological picture of the illness. Iridodiagnosis is a reliable test of a therapeutic effect in patients with chronic diseases of the hepatobiliary system and in those cases having this medical problem concurrently with the urinary system pathologies.

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  • PMID: 9005066