Mobile Application for Cholesterol Detection Using Iridology with Image Processing and Support Vector Machine


Cholesterol is one of the factors than can cause disability and other diseases that is fatal to one’s life. Data from World Health Organization (WHO) said that around 4.4 million people die because of cholesterol related diseases and 40.4 million people are disabled because of cholesterol. To avoid this, people usually check their cholesterol rate so that they can control their cholesterol. That said the current method for checking cholesterol is by doing blood test, which is an inefficient method if we want to check our cholesterol regularly because it is time consuming and money consuming. This paper presents an application based on mobile to detect cholesterol rate using iridology with the use of Image Processing and Support Vector Machine. By taking a picture of someone eye, which will go through the process such as pre-processing, segmentation, normalization, and classification, it will return three kind of output which is “Normal”, “Medium”, and “High”. By analyzing data from Mugi Barokah Clinic, we managed to create a system to extract the feature of an image and a SVM model to classify the said image with the final result of 80% accuracy.
Authors: Entin Martiana Kusumaningtyas; Alfian Haidar Setyawan; Ali Ridho Barakbah
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Date of Conference: 09-11 August 2022