Pre-Diagnosis of Renal Disorders Through Iris Eye Image Using Rasperry PI With Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Method


This study designed an application for the recognition of early kidney disorders through digital images of the iris using the convolutional neural network (CNN) method with the Raspberry Pi 3 model B + interface. The best accuracy results obtained by varying the number of epochs, the learning rate value, kernel size, database composition, and the pooling layer function are 94% at epoch 12, 92% at 0.0001, 95% at 3×3, 95% on composition 100 train and 50 validation, 90% use the max pooling function.

Agustian, Indra and Faisal, Hadi and Khairul, Amri (2019) PRE-DIAGNOSIS GANGGUAN GINJAL MELALUI CITRA IRIS MATA MENGGUNAKAN RASPBERRY PI DENGAN METODE CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORK (CNN). AMPLIFIER Jurnal Ilmiah BidangTeknik Elektro dan Komputer, 9 (1). pp. 15-23. ISSN 2089-2020

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