Virtual Bexel Irina Clinical Assessment Software

Above Image  – Bexel Irina System

For those unfamiliar with the Bexel Irina Technology, here is a short history lesson.

The Bexel Irina technology was developed through collaboration between several Korean and Russian doctors and scientists in 1997.

A well know Korean company named STC (Sutong Technical Corporation) became involved in a joint venture with the “People’s Friendship University” in Russia. STC initially invested over 10 million USD into Bexel Irina development and exclusively sold to hospitals for $35,000 USD/system.

Much of the basis of the bexel irina technology was founded upon Russia’s most prestigious iridologists, Dr. Velchover and Dr. Makarchuck whom accomplished several clinical studies held in hospitals in Russia and Korea.

The Bexel Irina system is the ONLY Iridology assessment system that has achieved FDA approved class status as Medical Device Class 3 in Korea. This approval followed the highly successful Korean Government certified clinical study held at AJU University.

One of the most valuable assets of Bexel Irina include the pupillary parameters. If your treatment to patients are effective, you will then see changes in pupil to verify that your treatment is working!

The Bexel Irins system was shortly available to hospitals along the Asian pacific rim. Unfortunately, following the collapse of the Asian economy and in 1998, the STC medical division was terminated.

The results of hospital clinical study held at ju University in Korea:


Nearly 25 years later, Iridology Research was successfully brought the Bexel Irina back to life as a virtual system, thus receiving eternal life on January 31, 2023 for future research and development in the iridological sciences!