The Virtual Bexel Irina can be installed, presumably on any PC, including MACs, using the following steps:

Step 1: Download the free version of VMware player for windows or MAC:

Step 2: Download Windows XP with service pack 3 from Internet archive and choose the ISO version option for download:

** Be sure to note the windows xp installation key on same download page. This activation code is required during xp installation.

Install VMware and create new virtual machine:


Direct the installation of virtual machine to the Windows XP ISO previously downloaded from the Internet Archive:

Under the virtual machine settings, be sure to enable file sharing. This will enable you to share files between your regular PC and virtual machine. You will also be able to use any printer drivers available on your regular PC through the windows xp virtual machine!

Once the  windows xp installation begins, prepare to have the product key ready (key available on Internet Archive WinXP download page).

The windows xp vm installation will take around 20-25 minutes:

Once complete, you are now running a private, secure, fast, super clean version of windows xp on your regular computer! The memories..!

Please do not inquire for support in internet connectivity. There is no reason to connect to the internet using a virtual machine. Your patient files will also be 100% secure. Including, after April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or Microsoft vender provided technical support for Windows XP.

Why bother? Simply drag your files to your regular PC to send out.

Virtual Bexel Irina Installation

There are currently four steps to install the Virtual Bexel Irina:

Step 1 – Install original Bexel Irina

Step 2: Install Hasp Driver

Step 3: Install Virtual Bexel Irina Driver:

Step 4: Install the Virtual Bexel Irina System

Start with downloading the Virtual Bexel Irina Installer Package: Virtual Bexel Irina Package

Once you have downloaded the installer package file to your PC, you can either create a new directory in the root of your virtual windows xp and copy/past or drag the files into the directory for installation.

You can also use the copy paste function between both computers. If copying is successful, you should see this window appear while transferring. If you do not see this transfer window, you have not enabled file sharing between your PC and Virtual XP machine.

There are now 4 separate installation files on your desktop after installing. Click on (install) each step, starting with step one, to complete installation of the Virtual Bexel Irina System.

Extract the contents of the Virtual Bexel Irina Package using right mouse click menu:

Begin with step 1 – enter the original Bexel Irina Installer and choose setup

Be sure to set corret default installation drive to C drive.

Change d:\Bexel\IRINA(ENG) to c:\Bexel\IRINA(ENG)

Step 2 – Enter Install Hasp HL installer directory and click on setup

Step 3 – Enter Virtual Driver installer directory and click on setup

Final Step 4, enter the Virtual Bexel Irina folder and click on the installer. That’s it!

Test your Virtual Bexel irina..

A Short Silent Video Installation Tutorial

Important Considerations, Limitations and Issues.

** Please note that you can only import Bitmap (.BMP) images into the Virtual Bexel Irina. When using eye images for biometric analysis, it is always best practice to use high-quality BMP images. Biometric software will detect the pupil and collarette images much more accurately than low quality compressed .jpg images.

If you have your previous .jpg images and need to convert them to .bmp format, you can download free jpg to .bmp converter here:

Imported images should be in correct pixel format starting with 640X480 and 2x multiples such as 1280X960. Images that are not multiples of 640X480 may create false positives. If the pupils in Virtual Bexel Irina software do not look exactingly like the same dimensions of original image, then your image pixel size is not recommended for assessment.

There may be instances of occasional software crashes if using severely deformed pupils. This does not occur very often, but for example, the following case study images were taken from an individual who recently suffered severe ischemic stroke (now paralyzed) and could not be processed in the Virtual Bexel Irina due to the extreme Ventral Diverging Ellipse:

Please note that the Virtual Bexel Irina system requires a key to fully register, otherwise is available as 14 day trial for review.

The password key to enter Virtual Bexel Irina is: irinagvs

Registration of the Virtual Bexel Irina is freely available to all registered independent Iridology Research active members. A one year key will be issued to affiliated academic institutions and associations with multiple students or members.

Last but not least, check out the following Bexel Irina video tutorials:

If you have any issues with installations or bug reports, please contact us for support!