A Novel Approach of Automatic Iridology Chart Drawing onto Eye Images

Iridology is an alternative medicine that can tell the health state of an individual organ in a human body by just looking into
the eye. Iridologists use the iridology chart as a main reference to perform eye analysis. Traditionally, iridologists have been performing eye
analysis in a manual way, which is by using a slit lamp, a magnifying glass, and a plastic iridology chart. As the technology evolves, manual software is developed whereby the chart is drawn onto eye images with the help of a mouse cursor. This work therefore proposes an
automatic approach to draw iridology chart automatically onto eye images by using image processing techniques and an iris boundary scanning approach. The goal of this research is to implement an automatic assistant tool for iridologists to perform precise analysis on eye
images. Three issues rose when tagging the iridology chart automatically onto an eye image which are the pupil and the iris do not share the same center point, the size of the eye varies for every individual, and the pupil and iris does not have a perfect circle shape.
This paper proposes solution to localize pupil and iris in the eye image first. Parameters of pupil and iris are then determined to compute the transformation matrix to tag the iridology chart correctly onto eye images. Finally, a series of experiments are conducted to validate the
proposed approach to successfully localize pupil and iris and hence correctly draw the iridology chart onto eye images automatically.
Read full abstract: ICNSE-1451

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