An Iris Detection Algorithm for Disease Prediction based Iridology

Iris diagnosis is an alternative medicine to diagnose the disease of the patient by using different of the iris pattern, color and other characteristics. This paper proposed a disease prediction algorithm that using the iris regions that analyze iris change to using differential image of iris image. this method utilize as patient’s health examination according to iris change. Because most of previous studies only find a sign pattern in a iris image, it’s not enough to be used for a iris diagnosis system. We’re developed an iris diagnosis system based on a iris images processing approach, It’s presents the extraction algorithms of 8 major iris signs and correction manually for improving the accuracy of analysis. As a result, PNSR of applied edge detection image is about 132, and pattern matching area recognition presented practical use possibility by automatic diagnostic that presume situation of human body by iris about 91%.

Vol.21 No.1, 2017.1, 107-114 (8 pages)


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