NATIONAL PROGRAMME CANCER SCREENING – Iridology Breast Cancer Study in Russia


According to the Institute of Oncology.Herzen in Russia

women develop breast cancer
1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
31936 34339 36041 37015 37649 38969 40360 42607 44522 44840
women died from breast cancer
1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000
16748 17907 18448 19057 19141 19597 20423 20925 21216 21707

Existing Methods

Given that the primary cause of the disease has not been established, the problem can be solved in one way – the early detection of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, diagnosis of breast cancer (such as having independent value – physical examination, mammography, and auxiliary – thermography, ultrasound, tumor markers) do not resolve the problem, due to various reasons.

In the current situation, it is advisable not to carry out mass preventive examinations for which no money, and focus on the formation of cancer risk.

In the Moscow Research Institute of Oncology and the PA Herzen m from 1989 to 1994 studied the possibility of testing the iris to form a group onkoriska. In particular, it was formed by a group of 85 women – workers of one of Moscow companies.We had to find out, you can use the iris to detect diseases of the female breast, or not.

Scheme of the study was simple. First, the examinations of the iris, an entry in the medical card, then all 85 women were a complete clinical examination, including main and auxiliary diagnostic methods mentioned above.

As a result, 41 women on the results of clinical examination iridoskopii and found to be healthy. In 26 cases, iridoskopiya and clinical examination revealed various forms of mastitis. In 18 cases the iris revealed changes which were not at the time of clinical confirmation and were regarded as false-positive results iridoskopii.

The results can be displayed as a table:

the results iridoskopii the survey results in the clinic only
is pathological no pathology
is pathological 26 18 44
no pathology 0 41 41
in total 26 59 85

Completion of its investigation.

In 2002 – 2003, the Federal Scientific Clinical and experimental center of traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment of Russian Ministry of Health sought to re-survey of 18 patients who were identified by iris changes are not clinically proven.

As it turned out, three women in the group have since developed cancer of the breast, and 10 women have been identified various forms of mastitis, 3 women died from diseases not related to the pathology of the breast and two women no longer live in Moscow.

Conclusions and prospects.

The results can be considered as the best solution to the problem of formation of cancer risk for female breast cancer.

Identified in 18 cases, the changes can be seen as signs of flowing secretly pathological process.Perhaps, the method will be used in the organization of secondary prevention of breast cancer.

Research will continue.

Source: Translated from Russian website many years ago – Not available anymore

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