January 2023

Books and Manuscripts

1: Colour and Pigments in the Eye – Endeavour College of Natural Health

2: Constitutions and minerals. – College of natural Therapies – Australia

3: Iridology – Advanced Skills – Narelle Duncan

Case Studies

Two breast cancer case images submitted to Cancer and Neoplasms by Dr. German Gatan

One case study for dermatitis, skin sores. possible psoriasis submitted to Skin gallery by Dr. German Gatan

Five case study images for submitted to Neurological Gallery by Prof. Bryan Marcia


Screening and validation of the iris manifestation among patients with hemiplegia – an observational study

Machine learning and deep learning approach for medical image analysis: diagnosis to detection

February 2023

Initial release of “Virtual Bexel Irina” IridoDiagnostic Software: https://iridology-research.com/virtual-bexel-irina-clinical-assessment-software-now-available-to-iridology-research-members/

Rare first edition of La Chromotherapie Irienne by Dr Pierre Fragnay in books: https://iridology-research.com/la-chromotherapie-irienne-dr-pierre-fragnay/

Inner Pupillary Border by Dr. Daniele Lo Rito in books: https://iridology-research.com/inner-pupillary-border/

Advanced Iridology Research Journal – Volume 6 in abstracts: https://iridology-research.com/airj-volume-6/

Moved assessment generators to new sub-domain for further development: https://assessments.iridology-research.com/login/

(please note that all members must re-login to the new assessment generator site)

Added seven new case studies in Skin, Gastrointestinal 2X, Cardiorespiratory, Metabolic and Endocrine and Musculoskeletal galleries.

March 2023

Books & Manuscripts

Inner Visions – Iridology – Discovering the Whole You (Riverz)

Eyes Windows of the Body and the Soul (Griffin)

John Andrews Iridology E-Newsletter No.3

John Andrews Iridology E-Newsletter No.4

John Andrews Iridology E-Newsletter No.5

Iridology A complete guide (Frida Sharan)

Herb’n Home Online Iridology Course

Iridology the new frontiers in scientific research Dr. Daniele Lo Rito – Italian

Iridology and Other Stress Signs Of The Body (Natural Health Hints) (Batton)


Iridologia Ortotrofica – Italian

Case Study Correction GA-51 – Dr. Serdar

Case study updates in neurological(2), endocrine(1), cardiovascular(1), cancer and neoplasms(1)


April 2023

Books & Manuscripts

Iridology_ Rayid method as an instrument of psychological diagnostic – Sandra Regina de Souza Melo Martins

Curso de Iridologia – ANBA – Spanish

Simplified iridology course – Author unknown

A Concentric Approach to the Iris Chart – Wild Rose College of Natural Healing 1 Terry Willard Cl.H PhD.

Iridology A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, And Annotated Research Guide To Internet References – JAMES N. PARKER, M.D.

Iridology The Eyes Tell All! Completely Improve Your Health With Iridology – The Healthy Reader

Iridology Health Analysis and Treatments from the Iris of the Eye – – James and Sheelagh Colton – Scanned Copy

How to discover your own pattern of health and well-being through the eye. – Dorothy Hall

Psychophysiological analysis of iridological markers of individuality