Approximations between the classification of constitutions in ayurveda and the German school of iridology


The objective of this study was to compare the ratings of the psychophysical constitution (Prakriti) Traditional Medicine Ayurveda with the theory of biotipologia the German school of Iridology developed by Josef Deck. Participated in the study 87 people 18 to 70 years old attended at the Center of Natural Practices of the University of Southern Santa Catarina – UNISUL in the year 2011/2. The instruments used were a questionnaire assessment of psychophysical constitution (Prakriti) to identify the dosha and iris photos to check biotipologia according to the German school of iridology. Data were analyzed by considering relations between data on the population studied were evaluated using the non-parametric method of Kruskal-Wallis and Pearson correlation method. For statistical significance, a p value <0.05 was used. It was observed that the graphic comparison of the constitutions of the doshas Vata and Pitta showed statistical correlations with the bile mixed biotype ferrocromatoso, the Kapha dosha with the bile mixed biotype and its ferrocromatoso subtype and Vata / Pitta dosha presented statistical correlations with the mixed biotype biliary iron. However this research showed is little direct relationship between the psychophysical constitution (Prakriti) Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda biotipologias the German school of iridology.

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