Diabetes Prediction using Iris – A Survey

Diabetes is a very common & widespread disease that is reaching worldwide. A survey concludes there are about 190 million people suffering with diabetes around the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that this count will rise to 221 million by the year 2020, largely due to factors like population growth, ageing, urbanization and a sedentary lifestyle.
Diabetes in date is the major cause of death. This can be detected at an early stage by integrating various techniques like image processing,
computer vision, artificial neural network and pattern recognition. Owing to usage of these techniques there is a remarkable progress in medical imaging technology in recent decade. In this paper we integrate various techniques, their methodologies & advantages for the detection of diabetes using iris.
The retinal imaging is one of the popular techniques to identify & confirm various eye related diseases. The iris is primary element to authenticate the human.
This paper is also provides the better performance techniques based on the survey.
Read full abstract: f201711261511710321
Anagha.P.Kale, Prof. P.P.Gumaste, Prof.V.M.Mane
International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Computational System
ISSN 2348
Volume 6, Issue11
November 2017

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