The International Arab Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine Conference / 8-10 November 2015 www.poster sessi m Methods OPPORTUNITIES OF IRIDODIAGNOSTICS IN DETERMINING IDENTITY IN FORENSIC MEDICINE AND FORENSIC SCIENCE

The use of iridodiagnostics for the purpose of individualization and identification in forensic literature there is no. However, in
this study we tried to find a common and fundamental evaluation criteria ridgeline manifestations for identification in forensic
The aim of the present study was to investigate changes in the iris of the eyes of the dead suddenly to develop forensic iridologist identification cards. Analysis of the results of our research showed that the corpses of persons who died suddenly, iris had the lowest density in cases, when there was disease that led to death at a younger age(from 30 to 50 years). The corpses of those who died in old age (50 and above) had iris with a dense structure
B.M.Daljanov, M.A.Iskandarova
Tashkent pediatric medical institute,

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